Bina Bitterman: Merry NamesCon® Christmas to the domainer ladies

Domainer darlings, it has been a while since my last escapade, and how time flies – it is now Christmas.


My friends call me Bina Bitterman – and as a domain socialite I get invited to luxurious places, domestic or overseas, that are nothing short of fabulous.

Call it domainer affluenza if you prefer, but the truth is I usually turn down invitations.

If you’d like me to cover your event, sweethearts, it’d better be in a trend-setting location: Palm Beach, New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Monaco, Moscow.

When Richard Lau invited me to witness a fashion shooting for a NamesCon® clothing line, I was instantly aroused by the idea of seeing art and fashion in the making.

And Richard is such a sweetheart, but I bet you already know that.

Irene Conde, wanted a change in focus, ever since Lucius had all the fun photographing two beautiful girls last week for NamesCon®.


Darlings, nothing wrong with a girl liking her man beefy, I’m all for that. Sister Irene, I heard your needs and cravings loud and clear, darling.

Two days ago, after having my hair styled at Salon V, I flew to Los Angeles to meet some truly manly fashion models. Tried to get hold of Irene in LA but she was busy closing yet another social media contract, so the beefcake dish was all mine to enjoy.

Dirk is 25, a little too ripe for my taste but full of sexy tattoos and he looks like the guy who really knows how to fix a car leak, if you catch my drift.

Andrew is 22, the perfect age for a business woman of my stature. His blue eyes and hipster look definitely triggered the right responses, if I were to judge by the wetness of my Agent Provocateur undies.

Not to bore you with the fine details, darlings, but the NamesCon photographer took my advice to position the models in the heart of the city, where real, hard-working men belong.

After the photo session ended, we moved to my Beverly Hills hotel suite, for a passionate ménage à trois that lasted several hours. Domain investing can be hard and these models definitely knew when to flex and when to crunch it.

I cannot reveal the intimate details, as a lady never shares what happens behind closed doors. Darlings, let’s just say that the end result would even please czarina Yekaterina Alexeevna, if she were alive today.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, especially the domainer ladies.

Au revoir,

~ Bina Bitterman.

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One Response to “Bina Bitterman: Merry NamesCon® Christmas to the domainer ladies”
  1. Irene Conde says:

    YES!!!!! Love it!!!!! Love a guy with Tats!!! I’m a happy girl now! NamesCon 2015 will totally rock! Kiss Kiss and hugs!

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