Bina Bitterman: Your domains stink and so do you!

Domainer darlings, this is Bina Bitterman on a boring Saturday evening, enjoying an aperitif  here in snow-covered New York.

I’ll be quick and to the point: your domain names stink, and your personal hygiene leaves a lot to be desired.

As an elitist Domain Socialite, I can tell which of you don’t take a shower prior to attending important domain events, particularly when you think that by having boyish good looks alone you’ll convince me to give you my number.

Bina Bitterman - Domain Socialite.

Bina Bitterman – Domain Socialite.

Incidentally, Aron darling, I know it’s your birthday today, and I want to wish you all the best with your next Heritage auction. Here’s a little gift, a sassy video of me from 1979.

Back to the rest of you, domainers.

When approaching an elegant, sophisticated lady such as I, keep your breath all minty and make sure your armpits don’t reek of garlic chicken. Not to mention, other parts of your anatomy.

Use a good quality shower gel and aftershave, such as Cravache by Robert Piguet. You will catch my attention quickly, particularly if you can pronounce “Piguet” correctly.

When you shake my hand keep it firm and steady, but not sloppy or overly lingering. For more information, check this handshake guide out. And remember: my eyes are up here!

So darlings, it’s safe to say that your illiquid domain names stink – at least, make sure you smell good when you attempt to entertain me.

Renewing our rendezvous for next week, if I become bored during my trip to Saint-Tropez. Merry Christmas, darlings.

~ Bina Bitterman.

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