Blimey! Explosive growth of #Aussie domain space in 2022

Strewth, if only Australian domain investors had foreseen the growth of the .au namespace!

But Aussie domains did pop up at ludicrous levels last year, with 716,278 new domains in 12 months alone. That’s a growth of 22% across the entire namespace, despite complex policies by auDA that can still be confusing.

Australia, Terra Incognita

A new domain report by Trellian CEO, David Warmuz, shows some impressive numbers about the growth of .au domains. Here’s a summary in just 5 points:

  • .au domains are live, 716,278 registrations in less than 1 year
  • doubled in size.
  • The whole .au namespace grew 22%
  • Domain Sales are strong, with broker, Nathan Parker, breaking records in local and international markets.
  • auDA policies are still overly complex and the rollout of .au was unnecessarily confusing.

Then there are some predictions about .au that come along with the superb growth numbers Down Under:

  • .au domains already have traffic, the demand forecasts were too conservative.
  • will support AUD offers soon so .au domain investors will soon have all the benefits of parking and aftermarket in one place and one currency.
  • .au domains are very easy to register and might give a run for their money in the future.

View the full report by David Warmuz of

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