Blind Chinese domain veteran predicts value of “Chips” in 2017

Guang Hsü Xiang, a legally blind domain investor from China.

Guang Hsü Xiang is a blind Chinese domain veteran from the Guangxi province of China; the 61 year old domainer did not let his visual deficiency stop him from investing.

“Legal blind for 12 year, now invest learn fast report on LLLL and chips, by power of finger” says Guang Hsü Xiang, using an automated Skype translator.

“With profit no good in 2016, how predict dung happen year next? So calculate and stretch possible invest make money still,” adds Guang Hsü Xiang.

How is this blind man, who lost his vision after eating contaminated shellfish, able to deliver a domain investing prognosis with such astounding accuracy?

Domain investing specialists are baffled, but excited with Guang Hsü Xiang’s predictions for 2017.

Guang Hsü Xiang claims to be gifted with special powers, and he can touch a domain’s letters, predicting its value years in advance.

This remarkable aura transformation or magnetic resonance of the written words, is translated automatically, according to Guang Hsü Xiang:

“When print letter on paper in 3d I feel with finger middle or thumb, value is computed on brain and see number fall down for price in future,” says Guang Hsü Xiang, adding: “In China many tradition recipe about cancer, and bad breath and now fix finance problem, I help. Listen advice!”

Guang Hsü Xiang invites anyone willing to estimate the worth of their domain chips to submit them below, and he will do his best to provide an accurate value for the new Chinese year – the year of the Rooster.

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