Bob Brewsinski ready to hunt down and fight gTLD ‘wussy’ domainers

Vietnam veteran and domainer, Bob Brewsinksi.

Vietnam veteran and domainer, Bob Brewsinski.

Bob Brewsinski was barely 19 when he got drafted for Vietnam; the Wisconsin farmer, war veteran and domain investor still carries his military experience within.

“Fought for 96 hours straight one time, the commies were coming onto us in waves, shot every god**** vietcong twice, those were the days man!” says Brewsinski, polishing his replica M-16.

“Now I have to deal with online wussies that talk smack about the dot .com, them wussies don’t know what’s good for them, no sir.”

Brewsinski is a strong-minded domain investor, with a passion for dot .com.

Everything else is just not good enough for Brewsinski, particularly the new gTLDs.

“If you’re a commie that wants gTLDs and communism, I am ready, brother. I will hunt you down and fight you to the end, if you insult my domain names, man!” exclaims Brewsinski.

On Facebook, Brewsinski often leaves passive/aggressive commentary about gTLD investors and at one time he promised to fight a ccTLD investor “all the way back to China”, a racist reference, no doubt.

But Bob Brewsinski disagrees.

“This is America, brother, the land of the free, the home of the dot .com, wanna be a commie, then go back to where domain extensions end with two letters, this is not the place, ” states Brewsinski emphatically.

“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean no harm to nobody, it’s just that the gTLD wussies think they are smarter than us dot commers. Insult me or my dot com domains and I just might stick the M-16 nozzle down your throat!”

Brewsinski’s wife, Natalie, says he’s harmless and it’s all part of his bravado stories from Vietnam. She demonstrates that by calling him to the kitchen to wash the dishes, and Brewsinski grudgingly complies.

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3 Responses to “Bob Brewsinski ready to hunt down and fight gTLD ‘wussy’ domainers”
  1. Is it APRIL Fools already ?

  2. Thank you! For this post! I FEEL the same way! Dot Com is KING! I only want dot com’s. I could not care less, about any of the other extensions.

  3. DomainGang says:

    Stuart – Are you a wussy domainer?

    Mary Jo – I love your style. Any M-16s in your possession? 😀

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