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Bob Parsons : Grateful that elephant didn’t land on me!

Bob Parsons has assumed legendary status in Africa.

GoDaddy founder, Bob Parsons, was ecstatic and grateful after a freaky accident involving an elephant hit the wire.

“Back in the day when I went safari hunting sick elephants posing danger to the natives, the entire Internet piled on me,” said Bob Parsons.

“At least, I survived the hunt. I would not wanna be this fella, who got crushed by the elephant, that’s some crazy-ass karma right there!” added Parsons.

Bob Parsons, who claimed he was being harassed by PETA after the 2011 hunting elephant incident blew out of proportion, said he’s now a changed man.

“As a former US Marine and a businessman, I am grateful about not getting squatted on by elephants, and I no longer pursue this type of activity,” adding: “Life is too short to take other lives, keep yourself busy living your own life, man!”

Bob’s also busy promoting his own premium line of golf clubs, from a LLL .com domain, no less.

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