Brands and Domains : Hybrid industry event in Valencia, Spain

Pure “domainer” events are not en vogue anymore.

Take, for example, the evolution of NamesCon, and how it’s now introducing web hosting elements, thanks to its acquisition by the German firm, WebHostingDays.

Dietmar Stefitz, founder of Domaining Europe, has just announced the launch of a joint event in Valencia, Spain, about “Brands and Domains.

Dietmar sent us the following information:


The first BrandsAnd.Domains event will bring together experts on digital marketing, registry operations, search engine and branding with major companies that have registered Brand TLDs, or those considering applying for a Brand TLD in the future.

Event information, agenda and venue details can be found at the web site BrandsAnd.Domains or please view the event guide.

The day will close with a gala dinner, providing network opportunities.

This event will be held in Valencia on 1 December 2016. Attendees of the BrandsAnd.Domains event will also be invited to attend The Name.Show on 2 Dec (for free) which is targeted towards the traditional domain industry.

This is a neutral event, designed to attract Brands that have already acquired a Brand TLD or may wish to apply in future, as well organisations that provide supporting services to Brand TLD applicants, such as front & back-end registry providers. So we expect there to be interest from a variety of the key players.

If you want to apply in the future for a Brand TLD, you must be there.

Due to its nature, BrandsAnd.Domains is an exclusive event with a reduced number of participants, representing some of the leading companies in the global market.

Therefore, many participants will be representatives of brands that have their own Brand TLD, coming from fields such as:

  • Marketing and communication
  • Research and development
  • Customers’ experience
  • Legal and Intellectual Property
  • IT and technology providers
  • Supporting service providers

BrandsAnd.Domains also offers excellent opportunities to sponsors interested in getting to know brand and online presence representatives of top companies.

Some key reasons why to attend the BrandsAnd.Domains event:

  • The only event exclusively dedicated to the new Brand TLDs.
  • Listen to experienced experts on digital marketing, e-commerce, SEO, social media and branding
  • Hear practical examples of how other companies are using the new Brand TLDs.
  • Learn about the opportunities and benefits that a dotBrand can provide you.
  • Covers all levels of experience. You do not have to be an expert to join!
  • Get ahead of your competitors; be the first in the Internet of the future!
  • Get to know interesting professionals in a relaxed and exclusive environment.
  • Save time: in a single day you will learn what you need to know.
  • Get the results from a unique Brainstorming experience, held on 30 Nov.  

For more information, visit BrandsAnd.Domains

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One Response to “Brands and Domains : Hybrid industry event in Valencia, Spain”
  1. This event sounds very Interesting. I hope there will also be live feeds, pods, pics, and interviews.
    I don’t travel – but I like to learn as much as I can …
    ~Patricia Kaehler — Ohio USA — DomainBELL


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