Bring your Mother to the ‘Fest’ – damage control campaign!

There’s been too much negative publicity about the outcome of the Domainfest gathering at the Playboy Mansion.

The focus suddenly changed from the $500,000 in total sales to the type of disease delivered to more than 100 domainers that ogled the silicone miracles at the Playboy Mansion.

Many lives were affected, particularly those of married domainers whose wives or girlfriends had no clue about the “industry events” their husbands or boyfriends attended.

Once the non-industry media capitalized on the unfortunate “domainer flu” it was about time for the Domainfest organizers to step in and prepare a “damage control” campaign.

Starting next week, Domainfest will promote its family friendliness with a brand new motto:

Bring your Mother to the Fest!

“We’d like to show the world – especially the TMZ crowds – that Domainfest is a family-oriented event that welcomes people of all ages, especially senior citizens that otherwise feel threatened by the youthful appearance of Playboy Bunnies”, said Jacob Yobbowski who works for the marketing team.

“Our new campaign – Bring your Mother to the Fest – will focus on getting a discount for every mother that domainers bring to attend Domainfest. Mothers will attend for free, domainers will get a discount. It’s a win-win situation!”, he added.

Discounts for “trading in” one’s Mom will start at $150 and can reach as much as $450 for Mothers that can be the heart and soul of a social gathering.

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