Bruce Marler : The secret of my success in domain development

Bruce Marler, without the papal outfit.

Bruce Marler.

Domain investor and developer, Bruce Marler, is busy prototyping his rapid WordPress business projects; after scoring a six figure domain with the acquisition of Credit.Club, we reached out to find the secret of his success.

“It’s very simple, really,” says Bruce, taking a sip from a large mug of warm, delicious coffee. “There are two things I do more often during any given workday – and by workday, I include Saturday and Sunday!” he exclaims.

Pointing in the direction of a coffee machine, he lets us know about secret #1: Coffee.

Bruce drinks 9-10 mugs of filtered coffee per day, not counting espresso shots, lattes and the occasional Greek frappe. He attributes his alertness to new technologies, and the ability to churn out efficient code, to the purity of the caffeine he consumes.

“I don’t drink stuff from Starbucks, it’s always gourmet coffee from Colombia, or the pure beans of Arabica from the Middle East. When one drinks coffee, they need to do it the proper way,” says Bruce.

As for the second secret that has catapulted his business, LocalTek, to new heights: Someone answers emails within 60 minutes of receiving them.

“When I’m asleep, my wife Tiffany takes over, answering important emails for our business. When she’s napping, I’m having a mug of coffee and respond to emails, obviously,” says Bruce.

So there you have it: drinking quality coffee and answering emails in under an hour, is the dual key to maintaining a successful domain business.

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