Build an Igloo : Domain brokerage powerhouse switching to dot .Igloo

Tessa Holcomb, Igloo Chief Eskimo Officer.

Tessa Holcomb, Igloo Chief Eskimo Officer.

In a surprising move that will appease or shock many, Igloo, the domain brokerage powerhouse, is switching – once again – its primary web site.

“Going from to the new gTLD dot .Igloo was a conscious decision, mandated by the domain industry’s direction in branding and marketing,” said Igloo managing director, Alf Ake.

“Nothing else changes, just the url, and we are happy with the shortening of our name by one character, as we can save our customers the acute carpal syndrome caused by extra typing,” added Alf Ake.

Operating from An.Igloo and My.Igloo, the newest gTLD approved by ICANN indicates the current trends in new gTLD expansion; more companies are expected to follow this trend into 2016 and beyond.

Igloo has been a record-breaking domain broker ever since rebranding from the rather lengthy “Domain Advisors” in 2013.

For more information about what’s new at Igloo, go to Or watch this informative video below, about how to build an igloo in 90 minutes or less.

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