Bullsh-t .com : Domain King drops twenty year old #domain name!

Bullshit domains.

Not all domains deserve to be renewed, apparently. After twenty years of paying renewal fees, the Domain King dropped the domain Bullsh-t.com.

We didn’t censor the domain name, that’s exactly how it’s spelled, with the dash. 😀

Definitely a fun registration back in 1998, and as the dash is the only symbol allowed in domain names, it is a perfect use, as the dash indicates the “censoring” of a letter.

In this case, the missing letter is “i” in order to form the word “bullshit.” 😀

Rick held onto the domain for 20 years and let it go, but someone picked the Domain King’s droppings pronto; the domain Bullsh-t.com is now registered afresh with GoDaddy.

Would you pick up a domain that Rick Schwartz dropped?

In our opinion, that would be the ultimate proof that the domain isn’t good.

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One Response to “Bullsh-t .com : Domain King drops twenty year old #domain name!”
  1. BullS says:

    Thanks for the info. “Bulls ” is still running strong and won’t be dropped

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