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#BunkerTrump : Trending hashtag gets its matching .com #domain name

Demonstrations protesting the death of George Floyd have been spreading to major US cities, and in Washington.

President Donald Trump was rushed to a bunker, used for protecting the US president from terrorist attacks in the past.

Hey presto, the “Bunker Trump” reference gained momentum on social media, such as Twitter, with #BunkerTrump spreading.

Someone just so happened to pick up the domain name BunkerTrump.com making Verisign a tad richer.

Thanks to NameMonk for the tip.

Political domains – Photo by Andrew Vickers on Unsplash

While registering such political domains as a means of protesting political activity or lack thereof makes sense, these domains hold very little resale value.

In related news, the domain 8minutes46seconds.com was registered as well, and it’s currently parked at GoDaddy.

The time of “8 minutes, 46 seconds” represents how long George Floyd was held down by a police officer’s knee on his neck.

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