Change of heart: ICANN invites GW Bush instead of Bill Clinton

GW Bush will speak at the ICANN meeting in Silicon Valley, beating Bill Clinton for the 1st time ever.

In a sudden change of corporate “heart” ICANN has announced that former president Bill Clinton will not be keynote speaker for its Silicon Valley meeting after all.

“Bill Clinton is a fine politician but he’s tied to the Monica Lewinsky scandal”, said Frank Zimmer Utrich, spokesman for ICANN.

“Americans might have become more accepting of sexuality over the years but they haven’t forgotten Slick Willie and his cigar!”

Some ICANN members expressed their concern that former president Bill Clinton might attempt to derail the upcoming ICANN meeting in Silicon Valley, particularly since he’s known to be a ladies’ man.

“I don’t want no former president look me up and down like a sex object at the meeting”, said Latisha Williams, a voluptuous ICANN subcommittee member from Chicago.

“He did that thing with Monica but he disrespect me and I’ll be uh-uhhh! Dontcha touch that sista Mr. President!”

At a meeting that lasted several hours, ICANN decided to invite former president George W. Bush as the keynote speaker instead, ensuring that law and order will prevail.

“Dubya is a known entertainer, he doesn’t drink, he talks about the Internets and proliferation of nukular weapons; he also laughs at his own jokes”, added Frank Zimmer Utrich. “He’s the perfect man for the job.”

ICANN will make a formal announcement in the coming days, after GW Bush undergoes a two-week  crash course about domains and Web 2.0

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4 Responses to “Change of heart: ICANN invites GW Bush instead of Bill Clinton”
  1. SPK says:

    OMG not that idiot!! I hope ICANN change their minds… Bush = fail!

  2. anon says:

    I notice on the list of registered attendees is:

    Monte Cahn from (Afghanistan)

    what did I miss?

  3. mosstrooper says:


    I’ve just read GW’s 10 page autobiography “The Book that i wrote – i rote it!” and in it he homes in on ICANN describing it as “…a country with Weapons of Mass Destruction that must be invaded and speaked to”.

    So that’s good.

  4. landon white says:

    I heard that Latisha Williams,
    the voluptuous ICANN subcommittee member from Chicago.

    Said …

    and tell Bill he can stick his Cigar up his .XXX
    where the sun don’t shine.

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