#Chinese “chips” diving further, signaling end of a #domain era

Honey, I bought some Chips

It’s the end of an era for domain “Chips” – also known as Chinese premium letter LLLL domains.

That particular group of domain names made early adopters tons of money, during its golden era.

Consisting of only consonants excluding the letter “V,” these four letter combos were very popular among Chinese domain investors.

Last month, we witnessed an alarming trend bringing such domains to the sub-$700 dollar territory.

And now, the sale of WRQS.com at GoDaddy auctions for only $510 dollars, signals the domain genre’s apparent crash.

Such low pricing for “Chips” further devalues other random four letter combinations that contain the letter V alongside vowels.

How low will domain Chips go?

Chinese domain investors from Hong Kong started this game in 2014 and it seems that some are still left holding the bag of chips.

Kudos: Dale G.

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3 Responses to “#Chinese “chips” diving further, signaling end of a #domain era”
  1. Data Glasses says:

    Is this Trade War related?

  2. David says:

    I don’t think it’s over. Like many markets, what goes up must come down. For instance, in the case of Tesla, it will go up and retain its value but trade sideways forever; but when it falls, it falls, and recovers quickly. CHIPS ballooned up too quickly and the market went down to the mid/high hundreds from 2018 to now (late 2020) and have quite a higher resistance of where they are to where they could be if it completely crashed ($50-$150). I believe after the pandemic, we will see a rise of these again as a lot are actually DROPPING (meaning people are not in a good position to renew, or… well, RIP), but not as quickly as they skyrocketed in 2014 unless people get honey potted and buy quickly because they get FOMO’ed again. I, myself, will only buy CHIPS that can be a good acronym and serve development purposes in other capacities such as my latest acquisition of BLJP (Bottom-line) for $325 (which one day may give me an 800% ROI, and if not, oh well) as I work out of Japan and can be used for a financial service (end-user) or own business name.

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