Chinese domain market report : Are you ready for the Year of the Rooster?

Chinese domain sales report.

Chinese domain sales report.

China will be celebrating the Year of the Rooster in three months, and many domain investors are hoping it’ll be better than this year.

Expectations ran high throughout 2016, following a solid 2015; alas, that did not happen.

Domain investments in China shifted away from stocks and Bitcoin to domains, generated revenue and fulfilled their purpose. The Chinese are using domain names as monetary vessels, not as pure domain investments and definitely not for development.

We keep track of short domain names between 2 to 4 characters in length, in the .CN, .COM and .NET TLDs.

In recent weeks, the volume of sales has dropped, with very few spikes, forcing us to switch from a daily Chinese domain sales report, to one posted every few days.

Here are today’s domains, spanning October 30th to November 4th:

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