Chinese domain market report : Bye bye 2016

Chinese domain sales report.

This is the final Chinese domain market report for 2016, a year that saw “Chinese premiums” plummet in value and sales volume.

A year ago, prices were more than twice as high, often surpassing $2,500 for random, “junk” QJZX letters in the .com TLD.

As prices peaked, so did the white noise about lesser extensions, including “exotic” ccTLD domains.

None of the latter broke through, and the expected “five figure” predictions for “Chips” – four letter .com domains without vowels or the letter “V” – remained utopian.

The only healthy part of the Chinese domain market involves two letter .com domains (LL .com) which is not exactly a trader’s market.

Such domain acquisitions are acquired for actual use by corporate entities and start-ups in China, not as trading chips by part-time domainers.

Even the all-mighty LLL .com market dropped, as far as non-quality letters go.

If you sold those assets during the first quarter of 2016, consider yourselves lucky. Naturally, quality LLL .com domains outside of the “Chinese letters” maintain their elevated value.

We keep track of domains that changed hands in China, between 2 to 4 characters, in the .CN, .COM and .NET TLDs.

Here is today’s list, final for 2016:

We’re seeing increased activity in the LLLL .CN namespace, which surpasses the overly traded .COM one.

Happy Holidays, and may 2017 lead most Chinese domain investors to meaningful, long-lasting domain ventures, instead of the usual junk.

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