Chinese domain market report : Was just sold?

China is seeking an international cooperation to tighten Internet regulation, increasing its defense against cyberattacks.

A new Chinese cyber policy paper emphasizes the Communist Party’s position that countries must impose authority on all cyber-related matters in their territory.

Along with those statements comes an increased censorship, data privacy changes and how business trade is conducted within China.

Domain registries wishing to do business with the Chinese, now have a beefier document to sign, in order to be in compliance.

Onto the Chinese domain market and its ever-changing direction.

Chinese domain sales are steady, and this year has proven to be better than 2016 thus far. The crucial point will be mid-summer, when most activity slows down; so far, we’re witnessing a healthy volume in the domain genres that we keep track of, namely:

“Domains between 1 to 4 characters, in the .COM, .NET and .CN TLDs.”

It seems that has just changed hands, the WHOIS changes can be seen below, courtesy of Domaintools:

If that’s the case, we are looking into a solid 7 digit sale USD, potentially higher.

Today’s list of domains spans March 6th, to March 11th:

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2 Responses to “Chinese domain market report : Was just sold?”
  1. danny says:

    that account belongs to – most likely the registrant is getting a loan against the name.

    You can check out that email account on domainIQ or whoisology – it’s filled with tons of Chinese premium names that have been loaned against.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Danny – Midai are also domain brokers, so I’d be more inclined to think there is an ongoing transaction, hopefully sizable.

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