Chinese domain market sales : A sudden flood of LLL .com domains

LLL .com and the Chinese domain investors.

LLL .com and the Chinese domain investors.

In the days before the rise of the “Chinese premium letters,” any three letter .com containing X, Q, Z, J and even C, K, Y or V was of secondary quality.

Just like prime rib versus other beef cuts, LLL .com domains fluctuated in value based on the quality of the letters.

Once the Chinese allegedly announced their acceptance of secondary, inferior letters as “premium,” the game changed and prices of any LLL .com jumped.

A market correction in the LLL .com market is definitely visible during the first quarter of 2016.

Prices have settled in the $2x,000 territory, dramatically down from the $50-$60k range they peaked at.

And now we’re seeing a sudden flood of 3-letter .com domains in the market, an indication of some further price correction for those “Chinese premium letters.”

As we keep track of .CN and .COM domain sales of between 2 to 4 letters, today’s list is remarkably laden with LLL .com domains.

The rest are “Chips.”

Speaking of Chips, don’t miss out on the current sale of some nice LLLL .com domains by Dutch domain investor, Tim Schoon.

Having lost his mind apparently, Tim put them on eBay without reserve! 😀


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