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Chinese domain market sales : Facebook ready to ‘invade’ China!


China is the Golden Chalice for many western entrepreneurs.

Due to its sheer population size, China is the epitome of a targeted market eager to consume, and you can thank the practice of “Communist Capitalism” for that.

Many large Internet companies in the west, such as Google and Facebook, are blocked in China, until they “conform” to the requirements imposed by the Chinese government. It’s not a secret that the Chinese use VPNVirtual Private Networks – or proxies, to access these popular web sites.

For now, Facebook appears to be the largest company seeking to unite east and west online.

Its Internet.org project is booming, despite a slam-dunk blockade by the Indian government over its controversial partial Internet offering. While looking at a gift horse in the mouth isn’t always a good thing, Indians saw beyond the freebies and into the future.

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is currently in China for business, and gleefully shared photos of himself and his entourage atop the Chinese Great Wall.

Facebook wants a piece of China's market.

Facebook wants a piece of China’s market.

Meanwhile, domain sales in China are flat; we see peaks here and there but not even Elequa’s grand sale of LLLL .com’s managed to sustain the trend.

We keep track of Chinese domain market sales of .CN and .COM domains, 2 to 4 characters in length. That’s the core of domains being sold in China and if you believe in some other type of hyped domains, be prepared to lose your yuan.

Here’s today’s rather short list:


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