Chinese domain sales : Don’t panic about China’s economic slowdown

China: A vast land of many opportunities.

China: A vast land of many opportunities.

In recent years, the Chinese economy expanded like a universe built of very thin galaxies; the end result is, that it more often contracts than expands.

Unlike the Bing Bang, economies fall back into their core, collapsing into a small mass, only to – hopefully – expand once again.

No worries about the Chinese economic slowdown, says Song Yu, Beijing-based chief China economist at Goldman Sachs Gao Hua Securities Co.

Song Yu has been the best overall forecaster of China’s economy according to Bloomberg Rankings for the past two years, so his statement should be interesting to keep in mind.

In the Chinese domain market, the volume of sales has been increasing this week, after it went into a New Year standstill.

We should expect volume to stabilize once domain investors rekindle their trust into this financial vessel. Average domain prices should go higher, long term, as well.

George Hong of, is an expert mathematician and foresees growth for 2016 in the Chinese domain markets.

We keep track of key assets of the domain trading occurring in China: short, 2/3/4 character domains in .CN and .COM TLDs.

Don’t forget: .CN is the world’s biggest ccTLD, having surpassed the almighty .DE of Germany not too long ago.

Here are today’s domain names:

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