Chinese domain sales : Gong Hey Fat Choy, Super Bowl 50 and a .CC sale

Chinese domain market report.

Chinese domain market report.

The Chinese new year celebrations are underway, as the Year of the Monkey – hou nian – begins on February 8th.

Gong Hey Fat Choy to all our friends in China, particularly to Attila Steven who is expected to have lots of well-deserved fun after launching

Naturally, the US is trying to steal China’s thunder this weekend; it’s Super Bowl 50 , baby! 😀

Lots of drinking, partying and varying forms of fornication are expected this weekend across the US, and for some reason US media will focus just on Florida incidents. Apparently, they are jealous of our weather.

Back to China.

We sincerely hope that the Chinese economy improves quickly this year, as it affects the US economy as well.

Tech stocks in the US are in Bear territory, and even almighty Apple pre-emptively stated that their next quarter report will be brutal.

So China, our best wishes, get well soon.

We keep track of domain transactions in China, short domains that may or may not include “Chips”; some data is courtesy of, the Chinese domain sales tracker.

Here are today’s domain names, there is a rare instance of a .CC domain included! WOW!


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