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Chinese domain sales : [ INSERT FAVORITE PREDICTION HERE ]


Chinese domain sales.

Many prophecies about China’s domain economy have been circulating lately.

The numbers are clearly written on the wall, and it’s not in pinyin: falling prices, lower sales volume.

Ergo, a deflation that reflects the overall state of the Chinese economy, all while the Asian financial effect echoes itself onto the Western stock markets, that dropped very close to a Bearish state.

Despite the alleged “doom and gloom” scenarios, one should remain optimistic. After all, the Chinese will continue spending regardless of how much money the country has. It’s the economy, stupid.

Meanwhile, domain predictions are as good as the person making them, and for that matter, we only listen to George Hong and his elevated view of the Monkey Year ahead. George is Chinese, he works the domain market with a careful strategy that focuses on large clients. This is not your typical “flip for small fry” profits domainer!

Other than that, get ready for some non-stop hype about how random numbers in exotic ccTLDs will be the next big money-maker. Domainers are being fed the pipe dream that suits the agenda of those holding the pipe.

Domain sales in China might not be a huge part of the economy, but they reflect the state of the economy and follow its curve closely. Just look at the price of domain “chips” and get ready for a correction.

Here’s a list of short domains that changed hands in China during the change of the Chinese Lunar Year:


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