#Chinese spammers still going after LLLL .com #domains and email registrants

Domain spammers from China are emailing owners of LLLL .com domain names en masse.

Although the “Chinese premium” letters market has long crashed, it seems that some late-comers from Hong Kong and China’s mainland are still having high hopes in the old money-making machine. When the Chinese domain market crashed, investors holding the bag saw their investments of random QJXZ letter domains plummet from the $3k range to below $500 dollars.

Said one such email:

“I am looking for: GJ, DW, SY, JJ, TY, PZ, CP, DJ, QP, YL, HL, ending, LLLL .com OR NNNNN – NNNNNN Digital Domain Name COM – If you have, please send a list and price.”

Domain investors possessing such assets are not encouraged to respond to such anonymized inquiries from potential scammers. They are often unwilling to use Escrow.com opting for money transfer services that could be reversed or disputed.

If you own such LLLL .com domains you’re better off auctioning them at Sedo.

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