Dead composer’s domain auctioned off at DropCatch

Christopher Rouse was an American composer who wrote various ensembles, known for his orchestral compositions, including a Requiem, a dozen concertos, and six symphonies. Source: Wikipedia.

Christopher Chapman Rouse III, as his full name was, passed on September 21, 2019 and his web site continued to be active via the domain name

Unfortunately, whoever was managing the domain’s renewals dropped the ball. It could have been the composer himself, which could explain why the domain wasn’t renewed and it eventually dropped. was caught by DropCatch where it was auctioned off for three days. The domain’s final price was $9,252 dollars and the auction was won by the DropCatch account “tantan1” as seen below:

It’s fascinating that someone would pay almost $10,000 dollars to acquire an American composer’s former domain name.

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