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Clemence bros launch Bronnans.com

Twin domain entrepreneurs, Tewby and Dewy Clemence.

Twin brothers Dewy and Tewby Clemence worked hard to build a domain empire that currently expands into the fish oil and white gold markets.

Inspired by the Great Gold Rush of 1844, the domainer brothers decided to launch Bronnans.com – a domain auction site that looks like no other.

“We got bored one day and called Rick Latona on the phone who advised us to do whatever the heck we want, bro!” said Tewby Clemence.

“Sedo is getting an abnormally large piece of the domain auction pie and that’s just plain silly, bro!” he added.

The Bronnans.com web site, named after the “bro” relationship of the twin domainer entrepreneurs, will offer complimentary coffee and croissants for every auction participant.

“At Bronnans.com we expect the client to be a gourmet, long-term visitor, bro!” said Dewy Clemence. “Does Sedo offer that? Heck, no. So we offer condiments and our experience with brokering great domains, eat that, Sedo!” added Dewy.

The Clemence twins and Bronnans.com are expected to attract two hundred thousand domains in the first three weeks of operation, with millions more under exclusive brokerage until the summer of 2013.

“We are thrilled, excited and totally going to kick Sedo and Afternic in the gonads,” said Tewby Clemence. “This is for you, bro!” added Dewy with a high five.

The new service is available now, by invitation only; if you haven’t received your invite, contact Tewby Clemence or Dewy Clemence through Bronnans.com

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4 Responses to “Clemence bros launch Bronnans.com”
  1. Speculate says:

    Hey Bro ……isn’t it Brannans ?

  2. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    No bro. It’s Bro-nnans, for bro-kerage. 😀

  3. Bugui says:

    Bronnans.com is the TYPO domain of Brannans.com haha

  4. Ginger says:

    Someone picked up the domain today.

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