Corporate CEO discovers the plight of sticky fingers in typo’ed domain

When you aren’t careful about your typing, disaster awaits.

Spin Dick Studios CEO, Larry Felmenstein, is upset with this ‘feature’ of web browsers.

“Millions of visitors are lost every year due to typos, and there is no way to force them back on track to their intended destination,” says Felmenstein, pointing to his web browser.

“It doesn’t matter if you use Firefox, or Opera, or Chrome, if you punch the wrong letter you end up elsewhere. This has to change! It’s costing us money, day after day after day.”

Spin Dick Studios produces creative commercials for Fortune 500 companies, and nobody can find its portfolio online, all thanks to typos and how web browsers and ISP providers handle errors on the Internet.

When punching a URL into the web browser, it gets translated into a series of numbers called IP addresses. The browser isn’t yet smart enough to realize its operator made a typo error.


Larry Felmenstein is now seeking $10 billion dollars from the creators of the technology behind web browsers, DNS.

“If they knew better, they’d fix it, but they don’t. Millions of our clients get lost and see 404 errors or even porn sites, and we’re suing for damages and a change in technology for good.”

Felmenstein’s approach would make it illegal for domain redirects to occur. Instead, for example, a visitor to Spin Dick Studios would always end up on the corporate web site, every time, whether they typo’ed the domain or not.

We could not locate Spin Dick Studios either, so maybe this is a good approach after all.

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