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Creative domain advertising: Frank puts his domains on a blimp

After launching InternetTraffic.com as an alternative to large corporation domain parking and a seven figure investment in .XXX, nothing seems to stop uber-domainer, Frank Schilling.

Frank’s known for creative advertising; at some point he mailed boxes of rum cakes to promote his RumCakes.com domain.

His latest method to get the word out there about his domains comes in the form of an airborne medium.

Frank’s rented space on blimps around the US and they will be promoting several of his domains.

“I’ve no doubt that my method will be copied over by lesser domainers, but that’s ok,” said Frank in his usual casual style.

“I figured out that blimps stay in the sky long enough for everyone to gaze up and try to read what’s written on them, unlike planes flying with banners behind them.”

The blimps will be launched in the following cities: Sacramento, Dallas, Jacksonville, Seattle, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Miami, San Diego, Los Angeles, Little Rock and Boston – so if you’re in one of those cities keep looking in the sky.

“There’s a code on each blimp that can be entered at my web site and there’s a chance to win prizes, so domainers can have fun and benefit from this domain gazing in the sky,”added Frank.

The method of blimp advertising is not new; Metlife owns Blimp.com and refuses to sell it to Frank.

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