sells for Six Figures was sold for $138,000. What's in your wallet?

Some fail to entrust the power and flexibility of the dot net TLD but when a .net domain brings in six figures, it’s time to change your tune. was just sold for $138,000 in a private transaction via

The owner announced the completed deal at DNForum.comthe premier domain name forum for discussing, buying and selling domain names.

The seller, Chinese citizen, Yinan Wang mentioned:

I just sold for $138,000. This is a private deal and it’s sold to an Australian company Credit World Pty Ltd, they operate several websites in Credit Card niche such as The deal is completed via

This is great news for both financial term domain holders and .net domain holders. Congratulations to the seller and to the smart buyer from Australia!

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3 Responses to “ sells for Six Figures”
  1. BullS says:

    that tells you domain business is a global business as far far away from USA.

    To pay China’s debt, USA can give all the domains to them

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    BullS – How many credit cards do you have?

  3. dirtydomainer says:

    great price for that, now this is the power of a .net domain, we should also consider .net as a great domain like .com, so do not underestimate .net domains, no matter what other says about .net just go for it and see the changes, we are going to see more such deals for .net in upcoming days…

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