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Australian owner of CreditCard.net snatches CreditCard.net.au in record pricing

Back in September we broke the news of Australian investor Roland B. Bleyer who acquired the domain name CreditCard.net for an astonishing $138,000. The Australian investor and portal developer has managed to set another record – in Australia this time – with the acquisition of CreditCard.net.au Roland B. Bleyer, who operates financial product portals CreditCard.com.au […]

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Exclusive: The remarkable story behind the $138,000 sale of CreditCard.net

The credit market is still healthy in far-away Australia, as the remarkable sale of CreditCard.net proves. The new owner of CreditCard.net, Roland B. Bleyer, is a partner of Credit World Australia – a credit card portal specializing in affiliate offers. The seller, Yinan Wang, is no longer working as an active full-time domainer and webmaster […]

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CreditCard.net sells for Six Figures

Some fail to entrust the power and flexibility of the dot net TLD but when a .net domain brings in six figures, it’s time to change your tune. CreditCard.net was just sold for $138,000 in a private transaction via Escrow.com The owner announced the completed deal at DNForum.com – the premier domain name forum for […]

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