Crikey! Mike Robertson is moving back to #Australia

Mike Robertson –

Popular domain industry professional, Mike Robertson, is leaving America for the Land of the Oz.

The Aussie domainer is heading back to Australia, the continent-sized country that spawned so many of our Crocodile Dundee moments.

Said Mike:

It’s time for me to follow the Yellow Brick Road and return to Oz. In August I’m moving back to Australia.

I’ll be returning with more courage, more wisdom and a heart filled with so much love. To all the characters I’ve met along the way, words can’t express how much you mean to me. You have made my time here such an amazing and incredible journey. To be continued…

Mike moved to the US six years ago, from Down Under, to Down South in Tampa, Florida.

As far as we know, Mike Robertson will continue at his current position as Director Of Business Development at and

Mike Robertson has been the #1 most stellar Australian that we’ve met in the past 50 years; he even bought us donuts! 😀

We wish Mike all the best, as he continues his professional and personal life Down Under!!!

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2 Responses to “Crikey! Mike Robertson is moving back to #Australia”
  1. tommy butler says:

    Wishing MIke all best.

  2. Mike Robertson says:

    Thanks Theo! Thanks for always supporting me and all my endeavors, even the crazy ones. Like that time when my brother and I bought a zoo. 😛 Seriously though, I truly appreciate the years of friendship.
    Also, I can confirm I will remain in my role as Director of Business Development for Fabulous and Directnic.

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