Crushed candy saga! Packaged delivery might be trademark violation

A package full of candy canes, courtesy of, that was damaged and crushed during shipment, might be a violation of the famous trademark that is attempting to establish.

“Crushed candy and candy crush saga are our trademarks and we plan to defend them vigorously,” said spokesman, Donny Tiegs.

“We will not permit the dilution of our mark, and if sends out crushed candy on purpose, then the law will be enforced, no doubt” added Tiegs.

Crushed candy canes might violate the mark.

Crushed candy canes might violate the mark.

Having applied for the “Candy” trademark as it pertains to games and clothing gear, caused the justified ire of the Domain King, Rick Schwartz:

“Unbelievable, folks. These idiots over at have the audacity to register a mark without the .com, can you believe this chutzpah? And to come and say that one cannot crush their M&Ms or other candy, just because of that stupid game? No wonder I only play Zynga’s Words with Friends!”

To clarify: The package of crushed candy and its shipping saga were the result of an accident, as UPS delivery man, Bob Samson, was sick with fever, yet determined to finish his shift.

UPS has declined to comment further, citing an internal investigation on the incident of crushed candy delivery.


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