Dan.com review: Finally, someone had to say it!

Dan.com is a great marketplace since inception. Its subsequent acquisition by GoDaddy took things to a different course, one that increased commissions and forced DNS compliance to Afternic’s.

That being said, the mechanics of selling domains on Dan.com are well-designed and that’s why many domain investors list their domains on Dan.com, right after they catch them at the drop.

Dan.com gets a lot of flak, however, on Trustpilot.

The amount of ignorance in some reviews is astounding, as plenty of negative reviews claim that their domains were “stolen” by Dan.com and that they are now being “extorted” to pay ransom money.

This is just not true and someone finally put together a review that explains to the angry, ignorant mob of former registrants what happened to their domain names prior to being listed for sale on Dan.com.

Says Alex from the UK in his recent review of Dan.com:

Everyone Should Read This…

Firstly; DAN is a great marketplace to buy and to sell domain names. Plain and simple.

Take the negative reviews with a pinch of salt!

99% Of these negative reviews come from absolute morons.

The people leaving the negative reviews have no idea what they are doing! Then just leave uneducated reviews.

99% of them are complaining because they forgot to renew their domain and are trying to pass the buck – They are the ones that did not pay their domain renewal bill and in-turn they lost their domain name.

If you do not renew your domain, it will expire! (you are also usually given a grace period to renew your domain).

If you do not pay your renew bill for your domain then you lose it! Simple! Its that Simple!!

After you fail to pay your renewal bill for your domain it goes through a deletion process and then the domain is basically available for anyone to register. The person who then registers the domain (you lost) now owns the domain and can either build on it or list the domain for sale.

If you fail to pay your mortgage bill what happens! Essentially, in the end, you lose your home. Your home is then listed for sale and is purchased by the new owner.

The uneducated morons leaving negative reviews are the initial home owner who are now ranting at the agency who listed for sale and the new owner who may have decide to resell. Absolute joke!

Well-said, Alex! We fully agree.

You can read the review here.

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