Guy left a bad review thanks to a dropped domain

A reviewer of on Trustpilot left a bad review, although it never involved any services rendered by the popular domain-selling platform. The review said: “RealWorld app for Meta Quest 2 does not exist as a real app. Reddit’s post was a scam. Request Removal.” What was the comment left by Alec Heesacker (most likely […]

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Scum of the earth: review reveals drama behind expired domain name

A negative review about left by a Trustpilot visitor doesn’t hold back: Scum of the earth. This harsh review is directed at the registrant and seller of a domain, previously owned by the reviewer. The full review reads as follows: “Scum of the earth. Steals the domain of my name that I’ve owned since […]

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Domain names and cost of domain ownership is something that should be taught at schools. Academic education should embrace and incorporate the importance of domains as brand resolvers, among other types of use. An important part of domain ownership is the fact that the domains are renewed annually, with the option to prepay for several […]

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Liberation date: When your desired domains fail to become available

Did you expect a domain to delete upon expiration, becoming available to re-register? Dream on. This old-fashioned expectation hasn’t really happened in two decades of domain backordering; domains that expire and drop are quickly snapped up using commercial services. Such platforms include DropCatch, SnapNames, and Pool. Domain names are auctioned off on these platforms, or […]

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