Dan.com reviewer: “This must be illegal!”

A negative review for Dan.com is yet another example of ignorance among technocrats about domain names.

Mr. Marcos Vega from Argentina said:

“This must be illegal. They simply buy domains, do not use them and sell them at high prices. Therefore, whoever owns the legitimate name of their business cannot acquire it. Horrible action. These terrible attitudes should not be allowed.”

The statement is rather ludicrous in its claims and we decided to investigate things a bit further. Marcos Vega in Argentina appears to be CEO at MVConsulting S.A. according to his Instagram profile, that uses the same photo in the review of Dan.com.

He seems like a nice guy, operating his business from the domain name MVConsulting.com.ar. As Argentina uses the .com.ar notation for commercial domain names, it appears that the Dan.com review was left for the domain name MVConsulting.com.

The owner of the .com wants $15,000 dollars for this 2017 domain, offering an LTO plan of monthly payments as well. The price appears to be consistent with Google search results for “MV Consulting” that identify several companies worldwide. In other words, MVConsulting.com can be used and bought by several other companies, not just by Marcos Fabricio Vega.

It’s unfortunate that the economy in Argentina is really in the pits; its annual inflation rate is running at 124%, the highest level since 1991. This means that paying $15,000 dollars for a domain is most likely not the first priority for business owners.

But why degrade the domain, its owner, and the process of domain ownership when you simply can’t afford a domain? Perhaps Mr. Marcos Vega should come up with a unique name for his business with the matching .com available to register.

It’s not the first time negative reviews for Dan.com are hinging on the same flawed principle.

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