Daniel Negari : Now a Buddhist, .XYZ CEO ready to visit Tibet

Daniel Negari, .XYZ founder and CEO, was on a blitz trip to China last week, to establish extended relationships with the Chinese domain registrars.

Eager to expand the .XYZ empire beyond the Great Firewall of China, Negari broke the big news on Memorial Day:

“I’ve discovered a new faith recently, and it’s not domain names. Buddhism gives me the peace of mind I needed, to move along daily tasks with serenity and spiritual elevation.

As a Buddhist, I can now seek a higher plane of existential sphere, whereupon I seek to benefit the entire world with my love.”

Negari’s adoption of the Buddhist faith will most likely take him to Tibet, the holy center of Buddhism. That trip might happen sooner or later, particularly since Negari’s ability to unlock business in China has been confirmed.

“With sweet sounding chimes, candlesticks, and a feeling of inner peace, I am ready to offer my soul’s kindness to the world, providing hefty discounted rates for .XYZ domains. It will be the biggest domain promotion the world has ever seen!”

We wish Daniel Negari all the best.

Daniel Negari.

Daniel Negari in a Buddhist pose.

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  1. Oceanking says:

    Convention also seems part of a marketing strategy 🙂

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