#Database crunch : Cockroach.com registrant might have hit the jackpot

Making money from a cockroach makes no sense – unless you own the matching domain, Cockroach.com.

Not a very popular bug, this creepy night crawler is a disgusting yet elusive insect that has triggered many a scream in the middle of the night.

But back to the domain name Cockroach.com, which is available to acquire through a lander page.

Who would be the target buyer?

Cockroach.com – Photo by Jesper Aggergaard on Unsplash

Cockroach Labs of course. The database developers are proud of their product and brand, and they operate from the domain hack Cockroa.ch that forwards to the lengthier CockroachLabs.com.

Cockroach Labs made some good cash recently, as they announced the securing of $87 million dollars in a series D financing round co-led by Altimeter Capital and Bond Capital.

“Cockroach Labs will put our series D funds to work by doubling down on product development. Whether building a new application or updating an existing application and moving to the cloud, we want to not just provide the best modern database but also make adoption easy.”

That’s some serious money, and maybe they can spare a million or two and grab Cockroach.com from the current registrant.

Would that be the most expensive bug domain sale ever? 😀

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