Dawn of a new era: Pigeon Droppings and Domaining

All while the word “domainer” comes up as a typo in every word processor, new words and expressions are being added quite often to the domainer dictionary.

One of the most recent ones is the term “pigeon droppings” as a reference to any domain that lies at the bottom of the domain food chain.

The term was coined by the legendary domain king, Rick Schwartz and has been used repeatedly to belittle anything from long tail domains, to exotic TLDs to domains without any hope of ever seeing the light of DNJournal’s weekly sales list.

In other words, pigeon droppings is equal to “crap“.

There is a chance that if you own domains that are “pigeon droppings” you’re also not aware of this inverse treasure you’re holding onto.

Many domainers have overblown egos that hinder them from seeing the truth; while their domains are useless, they think that they’re priceless.

Rick Schwartz tells it like it is daily, from his blog at RicksBlog.com

Should Rick Schwartz register a trademark for the term "pigeon droppings"?

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5 Responses to “Dawn of a new era: Pigeon Droppings and Domaining”
  1. Sean says:

    Rick knows what he’s talking about, he might use harsh language for some but he’s still the #1 domain guy out there. And yeah I think he should trademark the phrase 😉

  2. tricolorro says:

    “…new words and expressions are being added quite often to the domainer dictionary.”

    “One of the most recent ones is the term “pigeon droppings”…The term was coined by the legendary domain king, Rick Schwartz”

    Hey Lucius,

    What happened to “pigeon shit”?

    THAT is the term that should be added to “the domainer dictionary.”

    I believe Rick only used “pigeon droppings” once.


    As in , only one time.

    And that was used in his blog’s title “The Registrars Make a Living on Pigeon Droppings….” probably to keep it PG.

    But in the actual article, “pigeon droppings” is not used at all but “pigeon shit” is used 3 times by Rick:

    * “If you continue to register Pigeon Shit”
    * “There are investment quality domains and there is Pigeon Shit.”
    * “The only ones doing anything wrong are the folks buying pigeon shit…”

    And in the comments section, “pigeon shit” is used 4 times by different commenters.

    But “pigeon droppings” – not a mention.

    Source: http://snurl.com/PigeonShit

    The link above is to Rick’s Blog’s posting on May 11, 2010.

    Fast forward to May 28, 2010 and we find a follow up posting by Rick that uses “pigeon shit”
    twice but there is not a mention of “pigeon droppings”.

    * “A couple weeks ago I wrote about domainers buying pigeon shit …”
    * “But of course some MORON with a lot of pigeon shit…”

    In the comments section, “pigeon shit” is used a whopping 8 times but “pigeon droppings” is nowhere
    to be found.

    Source: http://snurl.com/PigeonShit2

    Okay , I hope I made my case.

    “Pigeon Shit” has earned entry into the Domainer’s Lexicon.

    “Pigeon Droppings” should just be a footnote.

    And that’s no pigeon shit. 🙂

  3. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Tricolorro – As a family oriented publication with good old-fashioned Christian upbringing and morals, we could not reproduce Rick’s exact word of “sh#t” hence the politically correct use of “droppings”.

    Here at DomainGang we are always fearful of the Almighty God and also strive to present our readers with proper language.

    I believe it’s about time Father Domainicus steps in to address this issue and perhaps arrange for a meeting with Rick in order to assist with the use of foul language.


  4. tricolorro says:

    “I believe it’s about time Father Domainicus…”

    I think I knew Father Domainicus when I was an altar boy…

  5. please tell me you did NOT photoshop that picture 😀

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