Dharmesh Shah: Chat.com reported as resold for more than $10 million dollars!

ounder, Dharmesh Shah, acquired the domain name Chat.com two months ago for the sum of over $10 million dollars.

Dharmesh Shah has now shared news of its recent resale for more than the amount he paid, essentially making profit on an eight figure domain name.

Said Mr. Shah:

I’m posting this because several folks have noticed that the chat.com domain no longer redirects to my post, and some are speculating that I might be getting ready to launch something big on it. Want to clear up any confusion.

I am not launching something big on it.
I am not launching anything on it.
I have sold the domain name.

I have sold it for more than I paid.

As promised, I have taken $250k of the gains and donated to Sal Khan and Khan Academy to support their efforts to use A.I. to create personalized education at scale for the world.

Mr. Shah noted that he is not at liberty to reveal the buyer of Chat.com or the amount of money involved in this tremendous domain sale.

Two months ago, Chat.com was acquired from its previous owners that moved their adult-cam business to the domain name Chat.org.

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