Did Donald Trump’s team acquire the domain PussyHat .com ?

A knitted pussy hat on TIME magazine’s cover.

The women’s march in Washington, DC protested gender and racial inequality.

Hundreds of thousands overwhelmed the nation’s capital, protesting the first full day of President Trump’s tenure.

On that same day, an estimated 2.6 million people took part in 673 marches in all 50 states and 32 countries.

One of the movements involved the so-called “pussy hats” – knitted hats in the general shape of a pussy cat, to protest the now infamous words by Donald Trump, “grab them by the pussy.

The pussy hat movement operates from the domain PussyHatProject.com where it shares information about the marches and sells merchandise for the project’s cause.

It appears that earlier in January, the domains PussyHat.com and PussyHats.com were registered independently of each other.

PussyHat.com now re-directs to the White House web site, and in particular to the inauguration page of Donald Trump.

It’s possible that Donald Trump’s organization, which has proven to be savvy about protecting his online image, acquired the domain and pointed it to the White House page.

From an SEO standpoint, domain redirects do not offer any Google ranking benefits.

The registration of PussyHat.com is definitely a defensive act to forward any type-ins that are looking for the Pussy Hat Project web site instead. The latter, is still the #1 Google result when searching for “Pussy hat.”

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2 Responses to “Did Donald Trump’s team acquire the domain PussyHat .com ?”
  1. Smart move by Trump people imo. I’m still surprised by type-in traffic.

  2. Cate Colgan says:

    I have Trump.Tattoo (temporary)! and Pence.Tattoo in the wings! – open to offers for both 🙂

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