#DigitalTown wants to include every city on the #Blockchain

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DigitalTown, the Seattle-based company that converges domain names and blockchain technology as entrepreneurial tools, announced its latest event.

The company will participate in the Austin Mayor’s Blockchain Challenge, giving the hackathon attendees the opportunity to devise methods for creating a trusted digital identity.

DigitalTown recently redesigned its app and web based services, and announced it has joined Geekdom in San Antonio.

The full press release follows:

DigitalTown, Inc. participates in Austin Mayor’s Blockchain Challenge – Every city on the Blockchain

SEATTLE and AUSTIN, Texas, July 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DigitalTown (OTC:DGTW) with a mission to deliver its blockchain-based technology to every town, city and village in the world – with adoption already underway in Central Texas – is participating in the Austin Mayor’s Blockchain Challenge on July 27-29, 2018. The hackathon will investigate ways to secure a basic need: a trusted digital identity, which is a core component of DigitalTown’s technology. Attendees will have the opportunity to use the DigitalTown Application Programming Interface (API) to build their applications.

The first publicly listed company to fully adopt blockchain, DigitalTown via its global cloud-hosted platform and decentralized applications, provides a turnkey solution of ‘a digital city in a box’ making it easy and convenient for cities to adopt the platform without investing in expensive customized systems. Designed to create more resilient and equitable local economies, the DigitalTown platform grants users the opportunity to create an interoperable, single, self sovereign digital identity and offers Single Sign On for all DigitalTown services.

DigitalTown CTO, Mike Cartwright, comments: “DigitalTown makes adoption of blockchain easy, and the community in Austin is already embracing our technology to keep more money in the local economy via Austin.city. We are delighted to participate in the Austin Mayor’s Blockchain Challenge and to provide our API to the hackathon teams. Participants will learn how to leverage blockchain-powered solutions to build awareness and community around the potential use of blockchain for civic and social good.”

DigitalTown VP of Global Operations and Austin resident, Frank Robles, adds: “Participating in the Austin Mayor’s Hackathon Challenge this coming weekend is a great honor and testimony to the fact that the city of Austin recognizes the potential of blockchain to solve some of society’s pressing issues, such as tackling homelessness and helping people establish their credentials and securely receive money.”

“DigitalTown is a perfect fit for the hackathon and attendees will experience first-hand the robust DigitalTown API. The event is timely as adoption of DigitalTown grows. Registrations of Austin.city are increasing every day and merchants across the city are signing up for their free online store fronts. Austinites are catching on to the benefit of the DigitalTown platform that helps keep more business local,” concludes Frank Robles.

DigitalTown provides individually branded, local-first platforms for 23,000 towns and cities throughout the world. All users receive a free permanent digital profile and a free SmartWallet with no payment processing fees and no transaction fees for peer-to-peer transfers. Upon registration, DigitalTown allocates 10 free blockchain-based CityShares that represent a digital stake in a user’s city platform. Members earn loyalty points in the form of CityTokens when they engage with the free Community Tools for the sharing and distribution of local interest content, discussions, news, events, projects and fundraising. CityTokens are redeemable with participating merchants.

Meet members of the DigitalTown Austin team at this weekend’s Austin Mayor’s Blockchain Challenge by signing up here.

About DigitalTown

DigitalTown, Inc. (DGTW) powers Smart Cities to succeed in the Digital Age. It provides turn-key hosted solutions to power “Digital Towns”, which improve Quality of Life for residents and visitors through locally owned solutions for economic development, civic engagement and digital inclusion for cities around the world. You can download the DigitalTown App from the App Store, or visit one of our many city sites such as Austin.City to get a feel for how DigitalTown is creating value for cities around the world.

Rob Monster, Chief Executive Officer
+1-425-295-4564; rob@digitaltown.com

Frank Robles, VP Global Operations
+1-512-900-2428; frank@digitaltown.com

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