Disposable face shields : Dropped matching .com existed for 16 years!

Disposable face shields are the new weapon in the war against the Coronavirus pandemic.

These lightweight masks act as a barrier to a wave of droplets from patients’ cough or direct sputum. Disposable face shields work along with masks to prevent the spreading of the Covid19 virus among the general population.

It’s crazy seeing how such a long tail domain, DisposableFaceShields.com is now registered. The web site appears to be a legitimate attempt to provide disposable face shields to anyone willing to pay the asking price: $84 dollars.

This price is actually discounted from $99 dollars, and it sounds like opportunistic pricing, and not quite a representation of the manufacturing costs involved. The 10 inch clear plastic face shield is “manufactured in the USA” and the web site appears to be offering products of the Arete Group, based in Rochester, Michigan.

Other disposable face shields we found are priced at $64.90 for packs of 10. You can also 3D print your own – at least, the visor part – using available models.

And now for the interesting part: The domain DisposableFaceShields.com was registered between 2002 and 2018, and its previous registrant had listed it for sale on Afternic. Apparently, it didn’t sell and the domain dropped.

The cherry on the cake: FaceShields.com was hand-registered by Frank Schilling in 2002. It’s now part of the GoDaddy NameFind domain portfolio of more than 350,000 domains acquired during the Uniregistry deal.

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