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Dollar Shave Club : Biggest waste of a registered dot .CLUB domain thus far!

There’s no question about the success of dot .CLUB; its registry operates on a dual meaning for the word, which can be used for private groups and places of entertainment alike.

Unlike several other gTLDs that top it, dot .CLUB did not give away freebies, and its #4th position overall in the gTLD roster is thus artificial.

With more than 255,000 dot .CLUB domains, it should be listed #1.

The success of dot .CLUB is also due to the honesty and scruples of its managers, and a great example is the Credit.Club story.

There is, however, one great question that baffles us to this date: the registration and non-use of the domain DollarShave.Club.

Dollar Shave Club.

Dollar Shave Club.

By far, this has to be the biggest commercial (non)use of a registered dot .CLUB domain, for an online business that is thriving!

We use the Dollar Shave Club thanks to its appealing business model and attractively low pricing, not to mention, excellent blades and shaving accessories. It’s a smart man’s choice, and they even have special deals.

So why isn’t the Dollar Shave Club using the domain it registered through branding agency, Com Laude in December?

We have absolutely no idea, but it’d be a good way to gauge some feedback from dot .CLUB about it. 😀

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