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#Domain branding : New #DNForum logo has been revealed!

DNForum is under new ownership, and the new management is working hard on upgrading the oldest domain forum to restore its former glory.

After almost a year of torturous neglect, DNForum is on a good course to become great again, and the excitement is overflowing.

Today, the new DNForum logo and brand were revealed, in a small ceremony attended by the management, the moderators, and more than five active members.

Here it is below:

The design company spoke about their choice of colors, fonts and other elements of the new brand:

“We went after a classic use of Helvetica Neue, to signify importance and age, without the compromise and unnecessary noise modern fonts present. The colors were selected at random, and the byline reflects the mentality of the majority of users that frequent DNForum: old geezers, looking for a laid back time and domain sales of $1,000 or more.”

The byline, “trade domains and shoot the shit,” clearly delivers a risque, yet fun message about the dual focus that DNForum plans to present to its professional domain investors: trade domains, and shoot the shit. Simple, effective, fun, unpretentious.

When asked about the similarity of the logo to that of another, unnamed domain forum, the response we got was:

“Oh, you’re just imagining things.”

We love it, and so should you – so visit DNForum.com.

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6 Responses to “#Domain branding : New #DNForum logo has been revealed!”
  1. David says:

    LOL…That’s hilarious!

  2. MapleDots says:

    As a domainer I cannot say in how many ways this is the wrong decision….

    First of all they left out buy & sell in favor of trade. I would have put Buy/Sell/Trade.

    Secondly, they don’t allow anyone to read the topics without becoming a paying member. I inquired about that and was told they want to keep it professional. I respected that and said ok but chose to keep my business at namePros because I can participate freely.

    Now the logo says “Shoot the Shit” – hmm, maybe I am wrong here but it does not sound professional to me at all and I would be very worried about how that looked once indexed by google. I’m moving a 20k domain, lets shoot the shit about it.

    NamePros – Buy, Sell, Discuss domain names – will index in a much more professional manner and if it ever comes down to listing domains for sale I am not sure I want any of my domains indexed on google anywhere near “shoot the shit”

    That said…. I will wish them all the best, I can disagree on the logo but I surely hope they make a good run of it., our business needs all the exposure it can get.

  3. VM Freeman says:

    Agreed, but will it be equally hilarious in a few years time?

    VM Freeman

  4. Platinums.co says:

    I really like the logo!

  5. Data Glasses says:

    Shoot the shit? …… In Australia we say Blow Up The Dunny

  6. MapleDots says:

    Australia – one of my favourite places 🙂

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