#DNForum : Changes to memberships, #domain market for members only

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The new owners of DNForum have been busy working on upgrading and rejuvenating the domain forum, a Heraclean task.

With improvements arrive changes affecting existing memberships; the paid ones retain their posting privileges, but the free ones will have to upgrade. The domain marketplace at DNForum.com will be restricted to paid members only.

In detail, today’s announcement about changes, states the following:

As a part of our roll back to our historic membership packages and permissions the marketplace will once again be restricted to our upgraded users.

Free users will still be able to read the marketplace and post in discussion areas, but posting privileges in the marketplace will be restricted to:

Gold accounts
Can reply to most marketplace threads.

Platinum accounts
Can post and reply in all (except the exclusive marketplace) marketplace forums.

Exclusive accounts
Can post and reply in all marketplace forums with expanded posting privileges.

We understand that some free users will be upset by loosing their marketplace privileges, but our responsibility lies chiefly towards respecting our paid users and the promises made to them. Further we also want to create a more focused marketplace with the highest quality of content and limiting it to the people that have paid to play is one way of achieving that.

Onwards and upwards!

The three tier, paid service structure dates back to the days of Greg Ricks, second owner of DNForum, who implemented paid memberships in 2003.

Not everyone was happy with the changes at the time, which led to the creation of NamePros.

DNForum is undergoing a complete rebranding that will take advantage of the new features present in the underlying forum software, xenforo 2.

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