NamesCon 2017 : How much was sold for in the past?

During NamesCon 2017 we had the pleasure to interview the new owners of DNForum, George Verdugo (CEO) and Kevin Faler (CFO).

This is the 3rd time that has been sold, since its formation in 2001 by then student, Dan Gessler.

How much did DNForum sell for?

While the price has not been disclosed due to an NDA signed by the parties involved, we can speculate based on the amount of the previous sales.

At NamesCon, we ran across the 2nd owner of DNForum, domain investor and entrepreneur, Greg Ricks, and we talked about the good old days of

Ricks bought DNForum from its founder, Dan Gessler, for a now confirmed $4,000 dollars, and quickly turned it into a money-making enterprise, introducing paid memberships.

At an era of free forums, this ground-breaking concept was continued by the next owner of DNForum, Adam Dicker, who bought it from Ricks for a now confirmed $75,000 dollars, in 2003.

Since it makes sense from a business stand-point to recoup one’s investment at a minimum, we can speculate that the recent sale of by Dicker exceeded that amount.

Many thanks to Greg Ricks for the memories! 😀

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