Domain flags : Country ccTLDs that went live in the 1980’s

With dot .com celebrating its 31st anniversary with yesterday, it’s about time to dig into the domain name history overall.

The first ccTLD domains were allocated in the 1980’s and one of them predated the registration date of .com.

Dot .US was the first country TLD ever to be allocated, on February 15th, 1985. Neustar, managers of dot .US should wear their domain flag with pride! ūüėÄ

Dot .US was the first ever ccTLD to be allocated.

Dot .US was the first ever ccTLD to be allocated.

Country TLDs were applied for by the respective technical institutions, academic facilities or national telecommunication councils of the countries seeking them.

Today’s list from the Internet archives, contains the first ccTLDs that went live in the 1980’s.

In this notation, the date of registration follows the format YY/MM/DD.

850215 US    United States of America (US-DOM)
850724 UK    United Kingdom of Great Britain (UK-DOM)
851024 IL    Israel (State of) (IL-DOM)
860305 AU    Australia (AU-DOM)
860425 NL    Netherlands (NL-DOM)
860805 JP    Japan (JP-DOM)
860902 FR    France (FR-DOM)
860904 SE    Sweden (Kingdom of) (SE-DOM)
860929 KR    Korea (Republic of) (KR-DOM)
861105 DE    Germany (Federal Republic of) (DE-DOM)
861204 FI    Finland (FI-DOM)
870119 NZ    New Zealand (NZ-DOM)
870317 NO    Norway (Kingdom of) (NO-DOM)
870514 CA    Canada (CA-DOM)
870520 CH    Switzerland (Swiss Confederation) (CH-DOM)
870608 MY    Malaysia top level domain (MY-DOM)
870714 DK    Denmark (Kingdom of) (DK-DOM)
870923 AR    Argentina (Argentine Republic) (AR-DOM)
871118 IS    Iceland (Republic of) (IS-DOM)
871223 IT    Italy (IT-DOM)
880101 CL    Chile (Republic of) (CL-DOM)
880120 AT    Austria (Republic of) (AT-DOM)
880127 IE    Ireland (IE-DOM)
880414 ES    Spain (ES-DOM)
880630 PT    Portugal (Portuguese Republic) (PT-DOM)
880805 BE    Belgium (Kingdom of) (BE-DOM)
880907 TH    Thailand (Kingdom of) (TH-DOM)
881019 SG    Singapore (Republic of) (SG-DOM)
890201 MX    Mexico (United Mexican States) (MX-DOM)
890219 GR    Greece (Hellenic Republic) (GR-DOM)
890418 BR    Brazil (Federative Republic of) (BR-DOM)
890508 IN    India (Republic of) (IN-DOM)
890615 YU2    Yugoslavia (Federal Republic of) (YU2-DOM)
890731 TW    Taiwan (TW-DOM)
890827 PR    Puerto Rico (PR-DOM)
891013 NI    Nicaragua (Republic of) (NI-DOM)

Was your country on that list? ūüėÄ

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