Domain investor baffled by “outrageous fees” on

A domain investor was hit with a 30% commission fee after selling a domain via

The sale completed after the buyer accepted a counter-offer of $3,500 dollars, thus triggering a sale via the GoDaddy-owned platform.

The Europe-based seller was baffled when the payout was just $2,441.25 after fees and taxes. The effective 30.25% commission included VAT tax plus a “penalty” fee for initiating the process via Bodis.

Shock and awe caused by outrageous fees.

Said the shocked seller on NamePros:

Does anybody still use this platform? As soon as I heard they were going to be bought by godaddy, I knew this would happen.

That was the entire point of DAN ( then). They just provide a lander for a low commission. They had jack all to do with this sale, yet happily took 30% commission. Bodis brought the lead here.

GoDaddy is currently penalizing those that do not use its list of approved domain name servers with an extra 10% on top of the standard 15% fee across, Afternic, and the soon to be shut down Uni Market—the effective fee is thus 25% but Europeans have to add VAT as well.

View the full exchange here.

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