#Domain investor Sahar Sarid posts bond, maintains innocence in #Mugshots .com arrest

Domain investor, Sahar Sarid, has posted bond towards his recent arrest in Florida, in relation to his alleged relationship to Mugshots.com.

The surety bond was most likely 10% of the $1.86 million bail set at arrest time, and therefore cost $186,000 dollars to the bondsman. The acceptance of the bond is currently pending, as is Sahar Sarid’s trial.

Sarid is being detained at the Joseph V. Conte Facility in Pompano Beach.

Sahar Sarid maintains his innocence, in a blog post at SaharSarid.com that was shared prior to his arrest:

My involvement with Mugshots.com and related entities ended in December 2013.

Prior to that, my limited role with these ventures was always as an unpaid consultant.

I never got paid nor wanted to be paid by anyone. I was not an owner or an officer of any business related to Mugshots.com.

Mugshots.com makes public arrest records easier to find. I support these ideas and ideals.

Extensive media coverage, including Newsweek, has shared the Mugshots.com arrest story, displaying assorted “mugshots” of two of the four defendants in this case: Sahar Sarid, Kishore Vidya Bhavnanie, Thomas Keesee, and David Usdan.

Under US law, every individual charged with a crime is innocent, unless proven guilty through trial by a public court.

Update: Sahar Sarid no longer appears on inmate search, indicating that he has been released from prison, pending trial.

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4 Responses to “#Domain investor Sahar Sarid posts bond, maintains innocence in #Mugshots .com arrest”
  1. P Creager says:

    1. The California law which makes it illegal for tmugshot websites to charge to remove your mugshot photo is toothless. FLorida about to institute the same law on July 1

    An arrested persons photo and record of arrest can still be published. Posting either is not illegal. Only charging to remove the photo is illegal. The record of your arrest is not affected, it remains. Your photo will remian until one sees their photo and asks to have it removed. Otherwise it remains published. And lastly the mughsot website owner has no obligation to remove your photo, he just can;t charge you to remove it

    U winder why, since identity theft and money laundering are involved why hasn;t that been turened over tot he Feds and why as of today the webiste still operates and is still updating?

    Why has the AG of CA not contacted the company providing servers and domain name and hut it down.

  2. DomainGang says:

    P Creager – It seems that the web site runs on autopilot. They scan feeds from sheriffs’ offices and publish the arrest data. Their twitter feed runs non-stop: https://twitter.com/mugshotsdotcom

    I’m sure all of this data that they share will be used as evidence at trial time.

  3. WQ says:

    Anyone thats been around awhile knows he owned the domain under his “Ashantiplc Limited”

  4. P Creager says:

    Arraignment today 3/25/2019

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