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#Domain nest eggs : The best strategy for the best results

Selling domain names is an art, or maybe it isn’t.

In order to achieve a sizable domain sale, you should have a great domain name. Or, perhaps, an average domain will do just fine. Sometimes, seemingly crap domains sell for a lot of money too.

At the very least, having a short domain name helps, they say. Then again, it doesn’t matter if the domain is so long it won’t fit on a business card.

Purity of letters is important, according to domain specialists. Who wants QXJZ letters? Oh, wait, the Chinese do.

But do keep in mind when investing in domain names, that aged domains – registered before 2000 – are great moneymakers. On second thought, a domain you hand-registered a few months ago might get you some top dollars, if timed right.

Generic domains are the best, according to experts. Hold on, we’ve seen a bunch of brandables fetch even bigger numbers!

OK, enough with these silly twists of rules, at least make sure it’s a dot .com. But don’t be shocked by the selling prices of .org, .net and even ccTLDs and gTLDs lately.

Long story short: anything goes. Follow your instinct, and think outside the proverbial box. Make sure your domain nest eggs are worth the investment, and you should get great results – or a great omelette.

Domain nest eggs – Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

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