#Domain not for sale as it’s actively being used, says registrant

Getting a domain name that is currently in the possession of another registrant can be complicated.

Domain inquiries may include an offer, or – in extreme cases – a reference to existing trademark rights.

Registrants often make it clear that a domain is for sale, and they sometimes include an asking price.

There is a domain that’s definitely not for sale, however, and its owner makes it clear.

Visitors to DomainNotForSale.com should not be shocked by what’s on there:

Welcome – Domain In Use. Not For Sale.

This domain name and web directory are being used by our organizational Membership and Staff, for a myriad of technical, network, and support purposes. We may also launch a public website at this domain, at some point in the future.

This domain name is in use, and is not for sale. Please do not send offers for the domain. We do not want to waste your time or ours, since the domain is not for sale. We very much appreciate your understanding. Thank you.

Registered in 2006, DomainNotForSale.com is an exact match, long tail domain for “domain not for sale.”

Whether it’s a gag domain, or a domain that serves a purpose that might or might not materialize, you have no hope of acquiring this domain name. 😀 For the Spanish variant, click here.

Domain not for sale – screen capture from 2016

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